Airsoft: the perfect combination of excitement and nature

Today, Ecosphere's production focuses mainly on BBs for airsoft, a discipline that has now been officially recognised as a sport by the Italian National Olympic Committee CONI, with the name Dynamic Tactical Shooting.

Airsoft and Ecosphere

Airsoft originated in Japan in the 1980s as a live strategic, tactical role-playing game. Owing to restrictive laws, the Japanese are not allowed to possess firearms, but soon their proverbial shrewdness led to the creation of sophisticated, technologically refined toy guns, which they began to use to organise "war games". Soon, airsoft "fever" spread from Japan to Europe and then Italy (1989). Airsoft simulates modern military tactics and strategy with impressive realism. Two or more teams face each other (divided into opposing "factions" or "armies") to battle it out over various objectives (e.g. a flag, a territory, a base camp), while trying to eliminate each other using special toy guns (known as ASG "Air Soft Guns" or AEG "Air Electric Guns"), faithful reproductions of modern weapons, which shoot harmless biodegradable plastic pellets ("BBs") with a diameter of about 6 mm. Ecosphere is one of the leading world manufacturers of these pellets, using all-Italian processes and technologies.


To refer to Italian legislation on ASG is a contradiction in terms, as Italy has no laws referring to Air Soft Gun toys. There are, however, a number of circulars and Court of Cassation rulings that have tried to clarify matters. They have not always been successful, but great strides have nevertheless been made.


We list the most important points of the basic safety rules for airsoft. This information is useful for experts and beginners, to read, consult and share.


Basic tips for airsoft players who want to keep their ASGs in tiptop condition. Theoretical and practical tips to take care of your "toy".