Made in Italy Precision and Quality

The ongoing pursuit of excellence, full respect for nature and focus on consumers: these are the values that drive Ecosphere to go further, every day, in Italy and worldwide.

Biodegradable precision pellets


Discover the features of our airsoft pellets: a wide range of weight and tolerances; highly biodegradable materials; suitable for all types of ASGs.


Out of Ecosphere's vast experience comes the top-of-the-range professional line of airsoft pellets. For serious airsoft enthusiasts who only want the best.


Multipurpose precision PLA pellets. POLYACTIDE: biodegradable thermoplastic polyester made from renewable sources, by fermenting agricultural by-products such as grains and other substances rich in starch such as maize, sugar or wheat.

Non-biodegradable precision pellets


All our products are available in non-biodegradable versions, with the same technical characteristics as our biodegradable compounds.


Replacement plastic ball bearings and metal ball bearings. Higher technical performance and longer lasting, as plastic is unaltered by external agents.


Pellets for special fabric treatments.