Welcome to Ecosphere | Made-in-Italy

Ecosphere is a pioneering all-Italian company in the field of moulding biodegradable, water-soluble and environmentally friendly plastics. The company specialises in the manufacture of pellets of varying diameters and weights.


Ecosphere has worked with numerous companies that are international leaders in the production of biodegradable and environmentally friendly raw materials. The first experimental application of a biodegradable and compostable material was carried out with Novamont and its team of engineers. The result was Mater-Bi®: the first family of biopolymers to use vegetable components such as cornstarch, which preserve the chemical structure generated by chlorophyll photosynthesis. An innovative material used by Ecosphere for precision moulding pellets for airsoft applications. 
(Special thanks to Mr. Marinis, for believing in the project).


Ecosphere has manufactured precision pellets since 1996, and is a pioneer in research and production techniques. The company produced the first airsoft pellet to be certified with a tolerance of 1/000. Ecosphere was the first to grind plastic pellets recognised as the best in the world by Japan.


Ecosphere now exports its precision pellets all over the world from the US to Russia, from Western Europe to Japan. The ongoing search for a product that is biodegradable and nature friendly, with high performance in terms of compounds, resistance and weight, makes Ecosphere an outstanding global example of Italian engineering. The Ministry of Economics and Development has issued the "patent for environmentally friendly pellets (biodegradable, degradable, water soluble)" making Ecosphere the only company entitled to produce, sell and import eco-friendly pellets.

The Market

Until recently, Ecosphere's main target market was Europe. This is a difficult market with a series of issues owing to regulations which prohibited the dispersal of non-biodegradable plastic in the environment. As a consequence, before the advent of innovative biodegradable and water-soluble materials, woodland role-playing games were effectively prohibited. Today the Forestry Corps requires environmentally friendly certification for the ammunition used in airsoft.

Although no specific legislation exists there, for several months now, gamers in the United States have been using biodegradable pellets more and more. Also in the U.S., the Wal-Mart chain is leading the way in awareness of this issue. Some of their stores are famous for being designed and built according to stringent principles of bio-architecture.